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Monday, 29 April 2013

Act 1, Scene 10

The narrative began with Act 1, scene 1 on April 10, 2013.
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CAZZO! CazzINO! You little prick! I should have slit your throat when you first showed up at the studio. (arms flailing, curses, grunts and groans). Get out of the way Giorgio, I'm going to cut him a new asshole!

Giorgione (yelling)
Tiz! Tiz! Stop this – calm down. What the hell is wrong with you? (Tintoretto falls, and this seems to satisfy Tiziano, for the moment at least, as he backs away to catch his breath). Are you alright, Jacopo? No Tiz, stop your kicking. Get up off the pavement Jacopo. Everyone just calm down for a moment. What happened? Why are you two at it again?

Giorgione Barbarelli da Castelfranco

Tintoretto (breathing heavily, accepts a hand from Giorgione, dusts himself off and glares at Titian, nods in his direction)
We met for a glass of wine at Harry's, and of course dick-face here kept refilling his glass until he was completely pissed. He got louder with every swig, and finally up came all the old complaints.

Titian (looking a bit sheepish now, and perhaps a little green)
Yeah, well. You screwed me out of that job at San Rocco, you prick. Stupido! CAZZO!

Tiziano Vecellio

You know damned well that's not what happened. Your proposal was on the table for four years – four years! – and nothing came of it. Sure, I out-foxed Veronese and the others, but that's no skin off your nose. Giorgio – tell him.
Tintoretto (Jacopo Comin/Robusti)

Tiz, you're drunk. Oh jeez, don't puke on my shoes. Come on, let's find a place to sit down. Jacopo is right, Tiz. What's gotten into you? And put that damned knife away before the police or the Carabinieri are on us. Here, come around the corner. We'll go to the canal ... you've always enjoyed the walking along Schiavoni. The gondole actually are quite beautiful in this light, but we're going east, and nowhere near Harry's this time. Come along, the air freshens nicely at this time of day – you'll feel better. Jacopo, give us a hand. (... and they stroll away toward the canal, Titian's arms flung over the shoulders of the friends on either side, completing the classic image of pals indulging a drunken comrade)