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Monday, 6 May 2013

Act 2, Scene 1

The narrative began with Act 1, scene 1 on April 10, 2013.
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As evening ripens a soft, warm light envelopes the city. Long shadows darken the narrow streets and alleyways. The hot blood of Venice cools, and we hear only the quiet chatter of diners enjoying a glass of wine before choosing from the menus of the many restaurants whose outdoor patios look onto canals, large and small. Wandering away from San Marco, Picasso has invited Velazquez to join him for dinner at a small restaurant in the Dorsoduro. Leaving San Marco, they make their way westward.

I'm taking you to a little place called the Enoteca Ai Artisti – appropriate for us, don't you think?

I am in your hands, Pablo. So many charming places from which to choose. The dining establishments I frequented are now gone, it seems. A new cafe´ has adopted the name of a rather interesting place I visited more than once during my second visit to the city. At that time, the Cafe´del Ridotto was in the Palazzo Dandolo, and hosted gamblers, lovely women, and other denizens of the night, occasionally including me, as I said. The new version looks like a respectable, upscale restaurant. Good food, I'm sure; but perhaps not quite as exciting. The Palazzo is now an expensive hotel, the Danieli.

You know, I am quite hungry. Please be my guest for dinner this evening. I am so enjoying our conversation.

Picasso (nods, accepting the offer)
That's very good of you Diego. Thank you, I accept. Ah, here we are.

Isn't that our host at the table on the left? He has certainly chosen his dinner companions well!

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